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EA Play 18

Working with Skylight Collective, Principle David Cipriano. I was asked to design the main outdoor banner design typography lock up for EA PLay 18. I worked closely with David and designed several versions of the lock up and challenged the basic layout principles of typography. I also had guidelines from EA to follow as well. David and EA appreciated the variations as it inspired a fresh new look. The final is  shown here.  After the lock up was designed we moved forward to the supporting materials like the badges and wristbands amongst other collateral.

The visual aesthetics were well received as it cleaned up readability and brought focus to the messaging. It was a fun challenge within such tight boundaries and also have the typography play such a major role. The annual three day event was held from June 9-11 at the Hollywood Palladium, and live to the world on The massive, free EA PLAY FanFest featured hands-on gaming stations, demos, and live music.

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