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About Us

I am a designer. A very dynamic creator of visual arrangement. I have been working with brands in all manners of execution for over 15 years. I am also an accomplished editor and create beautiful motion graphics.

I have been learning, struggling, evaluating and experiencing design all my life.


I am not someone who went to school to become a designer. I went to art school to learn how to become a better artist. To be able to see better. To develop the creative that matures with me on a daily basis. I wanted to learn the history and principles of art and study the artists and designers who made the choice to live by their work.

I am inspired Mark Rothko, Andrew Wyeth and Mike and Doug Starn, among so many others. 

When I'm working with a team or individual, I give from all angles. It is now part of my job to inspire, create and deliver real work. To connect with the people I'm working with, understand things how they see it as well as my own points of view. Together we build something, create messaging and hopefully a good experience throughout the process. I want to put creative on a new level, show things you havent seen before.

scott clum

artist. designer. skateboarder. snowboarder

Donald pool, Donald Oregon.photograph_Bud Fawcett

Principal+Creative _ride studio

Scott Clum
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