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Golden Artist Colors

I have had a 20 year relationship with Mark Golden and Golden Artist Colors which I have been extremely grateful for. In beautiful Upstate New York, Golden has been a leader in acrylic artist paint engineering from the very beginning. In my career, Golden Artist Colors has supported multiple gallery openings of my paintings and the engineering of custom silkscreen colors. While at Morrow Snowboards I was in charge of all the graphics process, which included silkscreening the boards and prototyping original graphics. Golden helped me make an Interference paint we could silkscreen in production that allowed parts of the graphic to disappear in the right light. This part of the graphic production helped seperate us as a company.

Below are pictures of my recent visit to the Golden headquarters in Upstate New York, It's a homecoming every time I see Mark Golden to reconnect. I have also added some of my paintings from a past exhibition entitled "Surrounding + Influence". This work was all about how my surroundings influenced my mood, painting and design. I painted with pieces of cardboard and my hands to get the "feel" I wanted to create. I wanted to capture the warm colors that create movement and mood. All with Golden Acrylic Paint of course. They have so many products for artists and I highly recommend exploring their paint and materials. They have been good to me.

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