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Microsoft Surface + NFL

Main edit composite Plexus treatment

Make Believe Happen – “Places”

Director_John O'Connell_ Group CD CMD

Producer_Katy Rall

Type animation_ CMD

Plexus animations treatment_ Scott Clum

Director John O'Conell and I were watching some of the athlete moments in his cut and he asked if I could create "streams" from the athletes that represented the power and idea of the Surface. After exploring the idea and aesthetics of the animations, I started to build out the plexus treatments and composited them in to the live action. Johns cut was already amazing, These supporting animations amplified each scene and brought attention to the moment.

Microsoft is partnering with 3 NFL superstars - Melvin Ingram, Larry Fitzgerald and Alvin Kamara - to showcase how they are pursuing their off-the-field side hustles to see how Microsoft Surface can make your dreams a reality.

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