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DeMarini Graphic Language

The DeMarini Project was all about re-telling the "original story" of Ray DeMarini and the core passion he had to start his brand against so many odds. Instrumental in this amazing process was my longtime friend and creative director Hodad. 

We talked quite a while about the "missing" working elements of todays so called graphic design. We sat down and re-evaluated what DeMarini really was and how we could serve the passion Ray DeMarini had.

We started with designing core language elements and pairing them with the best photography that represented the culture. Typography was a well designed and core element in telling this story. We built a "graphic language" that uses graphic elements and typography to support the story being told by the photographs of the DeMarini journey. In final we ended up with 65 pages that trimmed out at 10 x 36 open spread, beneath a die cut aluminum cover. Handbuilt just like Rays original dream.

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