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Sims Snowboards Logos

I joined the Sims Team as one of the "Original Sims Team Riders" in 1982.

As a Skateboarder and Snowboarder with Sims you learn a lot about competition, pressure, people and brand culture and be a total ripper.

Tom asked me to join him as his Art Director in Santa Barbara in 85'.

Still traveling as a professional team rider I saw the devoted riders that both honored Tom and the Sims brand. I built a lot of devotion and process around these experinces. Tom's passing in 2012 was a huge blow all around. I spent 35 years with Tom as a close trusted friend and as his Design Director and Team Rider. I know the history and personality better than anyone. When I design a new logo it always carries Toms legacy and the pioneering spirit he loved so much.

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